Driver's Training

Great opportunity to get certified from our Professional Dispatcher course and our trainers provide in depth knowledge of practical experience working in the transportation industry.
Start your carrier as a Dispatcher/ Logistics Coordinator by taking this course.
• Overview of Trucking Industry.
• Canadian and US economy and statistics.
• Authorities and Permits needed to set up a trucking business in Ontario, Canada and US. 
• Dispatchers job description and skill set needed.
• Soft Skills- How to talk to the brokers, what questions to ask from brokers. 
• Live Dispatch shadow training • Interview preparations • Live calling to Brokers • Safety & Compliance Call us for more information or text DEMO to book a free demo & send it to 647-906-8225 Limited seats!! Reserve your spot now by calling at 647-906-8225 / 647-848-1320 Start achieving your goals!!.